The Future Of Malware

The Future Of Malware

With the current state of technology and the massive “boom” of the implementation of the encryption libraries, decentralized, trustless infrastructure services and the cryptocurrencies, we can expect slow movement toward more resilience in the field of malware development.
In a hyperconnected world, where the AV companies are building threat intelligence databases from millions of devices, and operating system cannot be trusted with confidential material, it makes no sense for advanced, well funded malicious actors to rely on centralized infrastructure and services. It’s always hard to predict what direction the future will takes, when people wants to make predictions on some topic.
Below are some of my predictions.


Malicious actors are profit driven organizations/individuals searching for:

Modus operandi of the advanced malicious actors:

What we can expect

Emerging technology that will be more used in malware development:

Spreading techniques and targets

The next year will be interesting, as it always was. Enjoy it!