InfoSec Week 52, 2016

Posted on 31 December 2016

A hacker transferred early bitcoiners phone number from T-Mobile to a carrier called linked to a Google Voice account in the hacker’s possession using fake identity. Within minutes, dozens of his accounts were stolen.

Three Chinese nationals hacked two New York law firms and used stolen data for insider trading on the stock market.

Hacker Kapustkiy hacked the Slovak Chamber of Commerce, more than 4000 users record were accessed.

A comprehensive report on ransomware-related events covering a time frame of May – December 2016. This is only going to get worse over time.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation published a review of the technical developments in cryptography for the past year.

Interesting paper - "Estimating individual employment status using mobile phone network data" - which predicts individual employment status from the mobile phone network logs externally validated with household survey data. Scary stuff!

A nice new publication available called "A Salad of Block Ciphers" - Survey on the state of the art in block cipher design and analysis.

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